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Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies approach the human being as a whole instead of focusing on a single problem or symptom, they take into account the mental, physical, spiritual and social factors that affect the well-being of the person and help to achieve overall and deeper well-being.

The body has an innate ability to be in a state of homeostasis and holistic therapies help to maintain or regain this balance. They support overall wellness naturally by enhancing the body's self-regulation and homeostasis.

  • Balancing body, mind and soul

  • relief of physical pain

  • balancing mental health (anxiety, stress, depression, ptsd)

  •  better sleep

  •  sense of inner peace and tranquillity

  •  mental clarity

  •  increased energy and concentration

  •  immune system regulation

  •  body awareness, cultivating self-care and healthy relationships

  •  preventive actions

Educating people about lifestyle changes and self-care (diet, exercise, breathing exercises).

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