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Who We Are

The Alma Community Holistic Therapies is a non-profit organization based in Athens.

We are a team of holistic therapists guided by solidarity, providing free treatments and organizing actions for people and communities affected by war, poverty, social injustice, gender-based violence, and natural disasters.

We work with acupuncture, Chinese medicine, reflexology, massage therapy, aromatherapy, qi gong, cupping, and other natural therapies to promote healing in both body and soul.

We operate based on our core principles of solidarity, a holistic approach, and trauma-informed care.


Our Vission

We believe that health and wellness are human rights, not privileges.

We envision a world where people and communities support each other, and natural holistic therapies are integrated into everyday life.

In this world, everyone has access to tools that enhance their quality of life on both an individual and collective level


Our Goal

Fostering the empowerment and well-being of people and communities in need is our priority.

We focus on building and supporting resilience for all those exposed to traumatic situations such as war, refugees, gender-based violence, social injustice, environmental disaster, and poverty.

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